Tuesday, 21 February 2017

My Seventh Frolic for 2017...

.... involved a little bit of creative timing because, as seems to be the case so often, I was quite busy on Friday.  There were lots of errands to run during the day and in the evening TraderVic and I were off to see the first Heidelberg Theatre Company (HTC) play of the season, "Australia Day" (which was quite funny and satirical in parts).  So, I fudged a little and started my FF on Thursday and then snatched a little bit of time on Friday arvo.

I also fudged as to what I stitched because despite having lots and lots and lots of WIPs and UFOs that need attention my needles felt the pull of this LHN new start....   (no, this is not my finish - this is the sample photo).

Here is mine:

After Friday Frolics.

I am stitching it on 32 count grey and white-spotted fabric using my own choice of specialty threads.  

I then kept stitching on it over the weekend and managed to get quite a bit more done.

So, hoping to have a finish on this one very soon.

hugs, Kaye

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Bohemian Finish and a Halloween Start

Hi, everyone! I finished my Bohemian Paisley embroidery last Saturday. I tried to wash the fabric to get rid of the ink, but alas it is permanent. My next project is Potions, Brews, and Spells by Cherished Stitches. On Sunday I had ironed my fabric and stitched two numbers to get started so when Friday rolled around I wouldn't have to fuss with getting the fabric ready.

By the end of last night's stitching, I had stitched an entire row and was hoping to complete the queen stitch between the 'T' and 'Z' row, but I'm hopelessly confused on how to stitch the queen stitch despite the diagram at the back of the Just Cross Stitch magazine that has this pattern in it.

I think two factors are aiding one another to thwart me: the high stitch count (35ct....which is high for me as I usual stitch on 32ct or less) and the dark color of the fabric. Neither of the photos show the color exactly. It's 35ct dolphin by Week's Dye Works.

How do ladies/gents work on higher stitch counts than 35?!?!? It boggles my mind!

After stitching yesterday I realized that despite my Ott light, I need to invest in a magnifier because I am having a hard time seeing the stitches. Also in order for me to figure out the queen stitch, I need to pull out a scrap of linen with a lower stitch count and practice......a linen I can actually see! LOL

Anyway, I hope you guys had a good Friday Frolic :)

Until next time ^___^

Friday, 10 February 2017

My Sixth Frolic for 2017

Well, despite having to snatch some time in the afternoon to stitch (in between coffee with the girls and then a fun shopping expedition and lunch with the girls at Greensborough Shopping Plaza - most successful!) and a double date with my dear friends, Linda and Terry (dinner and a movie, Fences), I actually managed to get lots done on this week's randomly selected WIP/UFO.... 

Singin' in the Spring.....

Before photo (sorry about the very picture the lighting was very poor):

After (this photo is much better and the colour is truer):

Well, that is all from me for this week.



P.S. I am hoping to steal more time this weekend and maybe have a finish by Sunday evening????? Fingers crossed!

Barbara from The Flashing Scissors 2017 #2

Last Friday night I stitched a few projects!

I worked on a small Tote bag for me - for my knitting - which I am aiming to write about soon over at my place! I had wanted to finish the bag as a "Friday Finish", but when I realised I had totally missed the target I picked up this Rosebud pattern again. 

This was where I started again this year:

"Rosebud" - from Jane Greenoff's book -
 "55 Country Cross Stitch Charts"

Once again, I've been tempted by another gadget ..... which is now helping me to stitch a tiny bit quicker!

Previously I had been using a basic circular hoop, but I found gripping the frame, and turning it back and forth as I stitched, was making my hands and wrists hurt!

I'm really pleased with this new hoop (I expect most of you will have seen one before). It is attached to its own stand, and is the type you place on your seat, and sit upon ..... then hence have both hands free, which makes such a difference ..... the frame turns back and forth easily (but not too easily!) when needed, as one pushes the needle through the fabric!

Rosebud, from a pattern by Jane Greenoff.

Since my previous post I've finished the blue flowers, and started stitching the leaves around them, and made some progress on the leafy area above the rose! 

Rosebud, from a Jane Greenoff pattern.

Are you joining in with Jo's "Secret Stitching Sweetheart Blog Hop"?

During the week I've been working on my project for the hop, which I can't share yet, of course ..... (for details about Jo's blog hop click HERE). I had meant to post this sooner, but Jo needed to receive our photos today, and I only just made it!!!!! so I didn't have time for blogging this week.

I'm looking forward to seeing who is joining in at the Blog Hop on Tuesday! See you there!

Happy Stitching everyone!

Barbara x

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Noni's February Post #1

Where did January go?  February is 6 days in already... oh my goodness..... time is speeding away as usual!

I am back again today to show you what I was stitching on for Friday night.  I had planned to bring out my Faces of Joan Elliott again... but I got side tracked by the Frosted Pumpkin's Happily Ever After SAL!!

I managed to get a little bit more of the side border done and more of the pussycat.  I have changed the border to a Dinky Dyes thread called "Kalamunda".  There is a sentimental reason for using this thread... but you will have to read about it on my blog :o)

February's square is out now and is quite a small one so hopefully I will get both January and February done this month!

Til next week... happy stitching!

Friday, 3 February 2017

My Fifth Frolic for 2017...

Hmmm! Not as much progress as I would have liked yesterday, as TraderVic and I went to a Twilight concert at the Zoo to see the Hoo Doo Gurus, a band from the '80s.

It was a perfect evening for sitting listening to fun music, with good friends and a glass of prosecco in hand!

As the evening drew in, a colony of bats flew overhead - rather spooky!

(Sorry for the poor quality of the video - it is better if you enlarge it)


Anyway, here is my Friday Frolic piece.... 

The Village Alphabet by Cross My Heart Inc.

I last posted about this on my main blog, Kitten Stitching in June last year, when the pattern first arrived from an online needlework shop.

 Cross Stitch Stash, who specialise in Vintage, Out of Print and Hard to Find charts.

So, this is where I was up to ....

... and my progress after some Friday afternoon stitching...

Any stitching is good stitching, I say, and I am planning on stitching some more on this piece over the weekend.

Have a great stitching weekend, everyone,

hugs, Kaye

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Hello 2017!

Hello everyone! Happy New Year!
I haven't been around here for a long time now and I thought I must show you something!
One of my New Year's Resolutions was to start stitching on my UFOs and WIPs only and not start anything else.
So on January 1st I started stitching on my Balinese Dancer (or Indonesian Dancer) by
Thea Gouverneur.
I really don't know how many years I have this, probably more than 15 I think!
I started it, made the face and stopped too tired to go on.
Then at some point started the head flowers did half and stopped and at another time I did the rest of the flowers (all in hues of white, beige and yellows) and stopped again!
As the stitching bug has come back to me the last few years and I am stitching more and more disciplined than any other time, hence managed to finish the Snowflower Diaries Joyful World SAL last year,I decided to stitch this too and maybe manage to finish it in 2017!
Here's a photo of how it was on January 1st.
Some photos on the process.

 I even took it with my on my short holiday and also stitched all the week of the snowstorm that schools were closed!

 And last night!After a whole month I managed to stitch the sleeve of her dress, which I think is the most difficult one!
 And here's how it will look finished! (photo from the web)

I am eager to finish it I must say and I think by the end of February it will be done!